Languages Canada

An Accreditation Partnership to Standardize Canadian Language Services

Languages Canada is the premier language training organization in Canada. Its membership consists of over 200 accredited language programs, French and English, public and private. They also created and maintain the Quality Assurance Scheme for language service providers in Canada.

In order to ensure that the Scheme was being implemented in a systematic
and impartial manner, Languages Canada engaged Orion Assessment
Services, a third-party independent audit firm, to develop and
implement an accredited program for the Languages Canada, Quality Assurance Scheme.

The Languages Canada Certification Process includes the following stages:

  • Applications are submitted from schools to Languages Canada. Approved applications are passed to Orion to begin the accreditation process
  • Preliminary Review & Documentation Review is completed to allow the school to correct any gaps prior to the on-site review
  • On-Site Review is performed by Orion and recommendations are made
  • Accreditation Review & Certificate Issuance are granted to the compliant applicant
  • Maintenance Assessments continue at regularly scheduled intervals to maintain quality standards

Orion manages and executes each of these stages. Our experiences in
the field, combined with Languages Canada's and expertise in the
industry come together in the Accreditation Advisory Board. This
independent boards' mandate is to:

1.  Serve as a guide for the Accreditation Body
2.  Provide guidance, when needed to LC on changes needed to the standards
3. Resolve disputes and recommend best practices to the membership.

To get started with the accreditation process for your language program, contact Orion Assessment Services.


Accreditation Documents (QA Scheme)





Guidance Documents



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