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Each of the following businesses at the addresses indicated have met the requirements for Certification under the Contagion Control Facility Management Standard – Retail (“CCFM 110”) and CCFM 120 for Office service environments.

The Certification provides a sense of confidence that the retail facility has put into place a management system that is documented and applied in practice, designed to reduce the risk to employees, customers and other users of the facility of potential exposure to contagions and potential transmission of infectious diseases.  The CCFM Standard set out requirements relating to:

  • employee hygiene;
  • sanitization;
  • physical distancing; and
  • other facility-related measures and controls needed to reduce the risk of exposure to contagions and infectious disease transmission.

Certification is achieved when an assessment of a facility is completed by an accredited service provider that is independent of the Certificate-holder, and the facility demonstrates that it complies with the requirements of the CCFM 110 or CCFM 120 Standards.  All of the facilities listed below as Certificate-holders have been assessed by Orion Assessment Services of Canada Inc. (“Orion”), 

Qualifications Regarding Certification:  It is to be recognized that each compliance assessment is performed in accordance with audit processes determined for the Standard.   Such compliance is evaluated using sampling techniques, at a point in time, at each facility address of a business.  As such, the Certifications listed below are specific to the address shown, as at the date of Certification shown, based on the prescribed sampling.   Orion does not act as an insurer if there is non-compliance that is not discovered in its assessment or if it occurs subsequent to an assessment, and Orion hereby disclaims all responsibility and liability to all persons for any such non-compliance.

Company Address City Province / Stage Country Standard Scope Certificate Expiry Date
Smitty Fine Furniture 170 3rd Street Hanover Ontario Canada CCFM 110 Retail 01/17/2021
Smitty Fine Furniture 185 3rd Street Hanover Ontario Canada CCFM 110 Warehouse 01/17/2021
Smitty Fine Furniture 170A Gateway Park Dr Kitchener Ontario Canada CCFM 110 Retail 01/17/2021
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