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COVID Auditing Approach

We are facing unprecedented times, and we have been challenged to find flexible solutions to ensure our customers maintain their certification. ANAB, the accreditation body that governs most of our ISO audit activities, has permitted us to perform remote audits for certifications with some limitations.  Although this is an extraordinary measure, the option of having remote audits done will be in place until the government rules it is safe for business to return to normal operation.

Safety is the cornerstone of our business principles. These principles guide our actions to meet or exceed customer care and regulatory obligations in delivering a workplace for our employees that is safe, consistent and preferred. Our commitment is to never compromise on the safety, compliance and quality of our products and services and therefore, we strive to provide our employees with the resources, including information and training, which they require to be able to support this commitment. 


Remote Reviews - overview


On-Site Audits

If your audit is being conducted on-site, Orion will respect all regulatory requirements and internal safety protocols your organization has established.  Please ensure these requirements are clearly communicated to Orion prior to your audit.  As a minimum, Orion auditors will follow these protocols:

  • No handshaking or hugging
  • Social Distancing of six feet or two meters shall be practiced at all times.  If proper distancing cannot be achieved, then alternate measures will need to be discussed in advance.
  • Orion's staff will continually sanitize their hands prior to and after touching any high touch surface area (e.g. door handles, documents, elevator buttons etc.)
  • Orion's staff will not conduct an audit on-site if they or any of the auditee staff have any cold or flu like symptoms, or have been tested and waiting for the results of a COVID test


Should you have any questions, please contact the Orion team!




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