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Food Safety Assessment Services

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The call for standardized food safety processes and testing/certification throughout the food supply chain is growing. An increasingly anxious public has been putting greater pressure on their governments to pass tougher food safety protocols, as recently evidenced through Canada’s federally approved Safe Food For Canadians Act, which entered into law in late 2012.

Meanwhile, many top corporations involved in food manufacturing/processing and retailing are showing leadership in requiring higher food safety standards from their suppliers – above and beyond legislated government requirements. So while some food safety standards might not be officially legislated, their “unofficial” legislation carries just as much weight from a business perspective.

Food supply chain:

  • Farm

  • Storage & Distribution

  • Manufacturing/processing/packaging

  • Retail/grocery

  • Preparation & consumption

  • Agents and Brokers

  • Food Service

Wherever your company appears within the food supply chain, Orion’s food safety assessment services ensure you meet existing recognized standards – for the health of your business, and your clients.


The Orion Difference

We consolidate audits to save time, cost and disruption.

At Orion, we’ve established a process that allows us to combine standard audits – saving you money and time while adding long-term value to your company’s reputation.

Why not combine your Gluten-Free, HACCP, GMP, BRC, FSSC 22000, SQF and ISO 9001 audits?

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What assessment(s) can we help you with?

Gluten-Free Certification 

  • A voluntary standard outlining the requirements for the production, manufacturing, and handling of gluten-free food products. 

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

  • Recommended by the United Nations international standards organization; used by most countries around the world to spotlight food safety throughout the production process.  It serves as a key building block for other food safety management systems.

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Functions as the baseline for an effective food safety management system. 

BRC – Global Standards

  • Developed with the input of the world’s top food manufacturers and retailers to create a harmonized international food safety standard.

SQF – Safe Quality Food

  • Designed to ensure quality safety processes are upheld at every link in the food chain, from suppliers to food industry processors and distributors, through to consumers. 

FSSC 22000 – Food Safety Certification

  • Demonstrates an organization’s ongoing commitment to a highly recognized international food safety management system.

Gap Assessments

  • Identifies the steps an organization needs to take to ultimately achieve certification for any/all of the food safety certifications listed above.

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