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Translation and Interpretation

Specializing in Language Standards Certifications

The translation and interpretation industries are increasingly moving towards language standards certifications to further its initiatives to improve the quality of translations provided, thus increasing consumer confidence.

Language standards certifications can also help to mitigate the high potential liability if translations are done incorrectly. For example, errors in translating operating instructions for machinery can result in injury, and engaging a translator for an assignment they are not qualified for can cause immediate communication issues.

Give your customers the confidence they need. Orion has provided more assessments for standards certifications and audits to the language industry than any other firm in Canada.

We are the only firm in Canada able to certify to all the following:

  • CGSB-131.10 Translation Services Standard

  • ISO 17100  - Translation Services - Requirements for translation services

  • ISO 18587 - Post-Editing of Machine Translation

  • NSGCIS - National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services

  • ISO 13611Community Interpreting Services

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems

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