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Waste Audits & Waste Reduction Plans 

(O. Reg 102/94)

Waste Audits

Orion’s waste auditing team provides efficient waste audits to support your compliance with Ontario Reg 102/94.   Our audit services are geared towards helping you understand your waste composition in order to enhance your waste reduction, re-use and recycling programs.  Our reviews include:

  • An On-site assessment to review your waste and waste handling practices

  • Audit Report detailing the amount and nature of your waste (note our reports comply with the Ministry of Environment Regulations).

  • Educational opportunities so that your leadership team can better understand the requirements.

  • Opportunities for Improvement to help you enhance your waste programs.

Waste Reduction Plans

Under Ontario Regulation 102/94 you must have a Waste Reduction Work Plan if you meet the reporting and audit threshold.  If you do not have this or would like to enhance your program, we can help.  Not only do our plans meet the regulatory requirements, but they also help you to save on disposal costs by effectively managing your waste collection and separation efforts.

About Ontario Regulation 102/94

Under the Ontario Ministry of Environment's regulation 102/94, the following industries / sectors must perform a waste audit and develop a waste reduction work plan if they meet the threshold limits.

  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Shopping Establishments

  • Construction or Demolition Projects

  • Large Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • Educational Institutions

  • Manufacturing Facilities

1) A waste audit required identifying:

  • the amount, nature and composition of the waste;

  • the manner by which the waste gets produced, including management decisions and policies that relate to the production of waste; and

  • the way in which the waste is managed. 

2)  A waste reduction work plan is required which details your programs to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.  Note that reduction is the primary objective followed by re-use, recycle and lastly disposal.

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