e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard

A new approach to eco-certification with level ®, BIFMA’s sustainability certification program for furniture

The level standard for furniture is unique in that it goes beyond the manufacturing process and product requirements and ensures companies also look at the facility that manufactures the product.  In the accreditation process, the sustainability of the company and its processes are measured against 4 elements of review:

  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Human & Ecosystem Health
  • Social Responsibility
  • Materials

Established in 2009, the level standard works on a points-based system, allowing applicants to achieve a standing of level 1, 2, or 3. Each level represents a higher degree of sustainability compliance. It also uses more approachable terminology to make its benefits more easily understood by all parties, from manufacturers to consumers.


Discover the benefits of level accreditation for your furniture products

The level certification involves greater transparency over proprietary furniture eco-certifications, and is conducted by an independent third party certifier, providing increased confidence for environmentally conscious consumers with products bearing a level mark. A further advantage to level certification is that the standard is in use in international markets, including Europe and Asia.

Orion can combine the e3 assessment with other important standards certifications such as ISO 9001 /14001 / 18001. This provides a more strategic approach that considers your business’ requirements and goals, while also offering significant cost savings and reducing internal time required for audits.


Achieving standards accreditation for level

Orion Assessment is a recognized level certification consultant, and can assist your company understand and achieve the prerequisites, credits, points, and levels of conformance required for level standard certification.

Contact us today to find out more about moving your company forward with level standard certification.

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