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Promoting Your Certification

Promoting Your Certification

Benefits of Promoting your Certification

While the goal of obtaining certification for most companies is to improve efficiency and reliability, it also includes the added benefit of differentiating you from your competitors and therefore is also a unique selling point that you should be sure to promote. After becoming certified, be sure to update your marketing materials to highlight your company’s increased quality control, cost control and accountability that has been achieved via certification.

Promoting your certification!


Although certified companies do not necessarily need to promote or publicize their certification, if they do, it must be done correctly and in compliance with  Orion’s,  the Accreditation Body (AB) and the standards scheme holder requirements. You may not use your certification is such a matter that would bring Orion and/or your certification into disrepute and lost public interest.   If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact the Orion team for clarification.  

The Orion logo or any AB or scheme holders logo may only be used after certification or accreditation has been granted by Orion. When the client is certified by Orion, it shall have the right to use the certificate and the relevant accreditation logo and scheme holder logo per this policy.

Logo Usage

For Languages Canada accredited programs, please refer to Languages Canada for requirements. 

Certified companies may only use the logos provided by Orion.   

You may use Orion’s logo on its own, but if you also decide to display the AB logo, both logos must be the same size and beside each other.  The logo for the AB may not be used on its own. 

Alterations to the logos are not allowed.  Images must be clear and at a size that ensures the symbols are distinguishable.  The images may be scaled, but the relative with and height may not be altered. 

Complete / Accurate and Not Misleading

The certified company may not use the Orion, AB or scheme holder logo in any way that brings Orion into disrepute and shall not make any statement regarding their certification that Orion may consider as inaccurate, misleading, or unauthorized.

 For example, suppose one portion of your business is certified to ISO 9001. In that case, you may refrain from making general statements in your promotional materials, giving the impression that the entire organization is certified. Remember that the scope of your certification is defined on your certificate and includes the legal name, location or address where the product or service operates standard, scope statement and certification body.  This information must be clear on any promotional information.  If your scope of certification changes, promotional material must be updated immediately.

If the company is certified to one or more standards not through Orion, the Orion, AB or scheme holders logos cannot mislead or infer these other standards are certified or affiliated with Orion.

Packaging Material / Business Cards / Letterhead / Advertising Material etc.

For Management System Certifications, the logos may not be used on the product or give any impression that it is certified. For example, if the logo is used on boxes, it must indicate that it was produced at a certified facility.

Suspension, Withdrawl or Termination of Certification

Upon suspension, withdrawl or termination of certification,  the certified company must immediately refrain from using the Orion logo, AB or any scheme holder’s logos. In addition, your certificate must be removed from your website or any promotional activities. If you do not remove your certification status, Orion may publish a notice on its website that you are making false certification claims. In addition, Orion may take legal action as necessary.

Change of Ownership or Name change

The certified organization is not authorized to transfer the right  to use the logos to or by any other body regardless of the relationship.  Any such requests must be submitted to and approved by Orion.

Orion auditors will review your marketing and promotional efforts during each audit to ensure your activities comply.

For Certifications falling under ISO 17021 please refer Use of Logos

ANSI / BIFMA Level Program

For each office or institutional furniture product which is certified under the ANSI / BIFMA e3 Standard, the Certification Mark (level logo) may be used in promotional literature published about the product by the applicant organization, its wholesalers, distributors, or retailers, as long as it is in direct correlation to the product. Promotional material must be true, accurate and not misleading.  It must clearly indicate the product, and level achieved and must align with the information on your current certificate.  This information must match the current certificate. The LEVEL certification mark must not be used to signify LEVEL labelling of every product from the applicant organization and may never be used to imply direct endorsement of an applicant organization or product by BIFMA.

Once certified, your product will be added to BIFMA’s level database.  For a complete and accurate listing of your product in the database, you must provide Orion with unique information such as the product name, description,  product images and product URL. Delays in providing this information may result in your product not being displayed correctly.

If you are not sure about how to promote your certification correctly, please reach out to the Orion Team or BIFMA.


If you have any questions or would like copies of our logos for your promotional efforts, please feel free to contact the Orion team.

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