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Orion is the only auditing firm specializing in the language industry in North America.

We work with over 300 language service companies and have been supporting Languages Canada members for over 10 years. We are currently the only firm endorsed by three language industry associations to audit their membership and offer certification to most of the commonly requested language industry standards.

Our vast and lengthy experience means that we truly know and understand the language industry, including its typical processes, commonly used software, and industry terminology. As a result, our auditing services are efficient and effective, and we will work with you to establish mutual goals up front to make sure your needs are fully met. We also give back to the language industry by sponsoring industry events and providing free webinars on standards.

Languages Canada Certification

What is the Languages Canada Standard?

Languages Canada members are the premier language training organizations in Canada. With a membership of over 200 French and English organizations, global students have access to the best training institutions in the world.

The purpose of the Languages Canada standard is to ensure that the best interests of students studying or planning to study English and/or French in Canada are met. As a condition of membership with Languages Canada, all member programs must be accredited, which serves to confirm that they have met the rigorous requirements set out by this standard.

Why Work with Orion for the Languages Canada Standard?

To ensure that the scheme was being implemented in a systematic and impartial manner, Languages Canada engaged Orion Assessment Services as a third-party independent audit firm to develop and implement an accredited program for the Languages Canada Quality Assurance Standard.

Breakdown of the Languages Canada Standard

The Languages Canada Quality Assurance Standard establishes requirements a program must follow in six key areas, namely:

Under each key area, specific requirements are set, and the program must demonstrate how they ensure continued compliance with the requirements and provide evidence that the requirements have been implemented and are effective. Any non-conformance must be resolved for the program to maintain its accreditation.

Overview of the Audit Process

The accreditation process is defined in the Accreditation Handbook and includes the following stages:

1. Applications for accreditation are submitted to Orion.

Note that the program must apply to Languages Canada and be deemed “eligible for membership” prior to starting the accreditation process.

2. Preliminary Review & Documentation Review

An offsite review is conducted to identify any major gaps prior to the onsite audit. The applicant is provided with preliminary review submission requirements detailing information that must be submitted for review. The applicant will then receive or discuss a preliminary review report detailing strengths, areas for improvement, and areas of concern to be addressed at the onsite audit. An audit plan confirming the details for the site visit, including the proposed date and daily schedule, will be forwarded by the auditor prior to the site visit.

3. An Onsite Review

The onsite audit is conducted to ensure the processes and documents examined during both the preliminary review and discussed onsite are in use as reported. The auditor will meet with staff, students and faculty and review documentation. The applicant will receive an onsite audit report detailing strengths, opportunities for improvement, any issues standing in the way of accreditation, and a timeline for resolution of the issues. Once the issues have been resolved, a recommendation will be made regarding accreditation.

4. Accreditation Review & Certificate

The results from the preliminary review and onsite audit are assessed by a senior evaluator to ensure a proper recommendation has been made. At this point, approval is given to either accredit, not accredit, suspend, or terminate the program.

5. Maintenance Assessments

Accreditation is based on a four-year cycle. Midway through the second year following the initial accreditation, an offsite maintenance review is conducted to record changes and ensure all requirements of the standards continue to be met. A maintenance review report will be generated detailing any findings from this review.

6. Risk and Random Based Compliance Audits

The intent of these visits is to ensure continued compliance between regularly scheduled visits. Programs reviewed will be determined based on either a random selection or through a risk-based criterion. The risk-based criteria consider items such as a program audit history, if there have been changes in key positions, the addition of new programs, fact-driven complaints or noncompliance concerns. Programs selected are given 24 hours’ notice and must ensure a resource is available. Failure to allow Orion auditors in may result in immediate suspension or termination of accreditation.

Begin the accreditation process by accessing the standards, forms, and documentation you will need to guide you through the process.


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LCG06 Accreditation Manual

The Accreditation Manual provides a detailed overview of the steps involved in obtaining accreditation.

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Start the accreditation by completing our application

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Standards detail the requirements that form the basis for accreditation. All requirements must be met.

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Procedures outline relevant procedures surrounding the accreditation process.

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Guidance Documents

Guidance documents provide additional guidance for meeting certain requirements.

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Forms are those documents that are completed during the accreditation process.

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