Our Process for Certifications & Audits

Man with pen - Our Process for Certifications & Audits​

At Orion, our auditing approach is not a one-way street.

We strive to set and establish mutual goals through an open and transparent process. As a standard practice, we have you meet the auditor in advance to make sure that they are a good fit for your organization. This encourages trust and open two-way communication at all stages of the audit. We also take any feedback very seriously and strive to make sure that your needs are 100% met. As such, not only are our audits extremely thorough, but they also add real value to your organization.

Whether your business needs to implement international standards or establish a plan for an entirely new set of standards for your industry or association, Orion is a fully qualified partner who can help you reach your goals.

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The Benefits of Certification

The deliverables of a successful audit include not only your certificate, but also a comprehensive audit report that details positive aspects, issues for resolution (non-conformances), and areas for improvement. But the benefits of certification are far-reaching. 
Our Process

Overview of the Certification Process

Orion is here to help your standards certifications and audits run smoothly so that you can get back to running your business. The following is a step-by-step overview of our process to help you understand our role in your certification.
Note: At Orion, we provide ongoing audit services on a one-year or two-year cycle, depending on the accreditation scheme, so that your standards certifications are always maintained. Please view the page for the specific standard you are interested in to determine your audit cycle.

1. Sign the Agreement

Orion must provide a quote for all ISO standards. The terms and conditions must be signed and returned to Orion along with any required deposit.

2. Book Your Audit/ Team Selection

Determine a mutually agreeable time with your assigned auditor. 

3. Perform GAP Audit (optional)

Prior to your Stage 1 or Stage 2 audit, Orion can perform a gap audit to identify major gaps in meeting the requirements of the standard. This independent review will identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Many companies prefer undergoing a preliminary gap audit to ensure they fully understand the standard’s requirements prior to their actual certification audit.

4. Perform Stage 1 Audit: Readiness Review

This review is conducted to determine whether your organization is ready to move to Stage 2 Audit (Certification Audit) by confirming that:

5. Perform Stage 2 Audit: Certification Audit

This onsite audit is conducted to ensure that the processes and documents examined during the Stage 1 Audit (Readiness Review) are in use and that the system is implemented according to the requirements of the standard.

The key deliverables from this stage include:

6. Finalize Audit Report and Receive Certificate

The results from the Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits are reviewed to ensure that all Orion accreditation requirements have been met and a proper recommendation made. At this point, approval is given to either certify, seek clarification, or not certify.

7. Perform Surveillance or Recertification Audit

Registration is based on a 3-year cycle. To maintain your certification, your organization must participate in an onsite review each year. The first two are surveillance audits and only look at a portion of your system, whereas the third-year review (re-certification) is a more comprehensive audit and looks at your overall system for continued effectiveness.

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