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Responsible Recycling (R2) Standards

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Millions of tonnes of electronic waste are generated around the world every year. Much of this non-biodegradable waste ends up as landfill, leaching toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium into the environment.

Developed under the auspices of SERI, the Responsible Recycling (R2) standard exists to promote the environmentally responsible repair and recycling of electronics. It catalogues an effective way to identify, aggregate, distribute and monitor best waste-management practices, and creates market incentives for facilities that follow prescribed health and safety procedures. ISO 14001 has been used as a guideline in developing the framework of SERI’s R2 standard.

Certification under R2 shows your customers that your company has the knowledge and wherewithal to identify, process and divert or dispose of electronic waste in an environmentally responsible way. Independent, third-party R2 certification demonstrates your company’s willingness to meet the world’s highest electronic repair and recycling standards. In addition, a number of large electronics manufacturers are now mandating that their downstream venders obtain certification to this standard.

In today’s environmentally conscious business environment, corporate social responsibility measures such as this can give your company a competitive edge. Plus, operating under R2 standards can uncover ways for your company to scale back production costs, reduce waste and elevate the quality of your products.

The Orion R2 Responsible Recycling Certification Program

Orion has been accredited by ANAB to provide assessment and certification under the R2 standard. Our program is complemented by our trademark exemplarity service, professionalism and industry expertise. The audit is conducted through an open and transparent process, ensuring you have a full understanding of what is involved in achieving R2 compliance. This collaborative, full-service approach is designed to give your company the knowledge and tools to meet R2 standards today and help preserve a better, healthier environment for tomorrow.

Our process includes:

  • An on-site assessment to review your electronic waste handling processes

  • Detailed report outlining your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement

Contact Orion Assessment Services today to get started!

*Registration offered via accreditation through Orion Registrar, Inc.

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