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NSGCIS: National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services

Canadian Interpretation Standards

The National Standards Guide for Community Interpreting Services (NSGCIS) was created to provide consistency in interpretation services as provided specifically in the areas of health, government, legal, educational, and social services settings. It establishes not only uniformity in processes and requirements for Interpretation Service Providers (ISPs), but also ethical principles that are specifically relevant to interpretation services.

The NSGCIS offers clarification in defining terminologies as relate to attributes and proficiencies of service providers, whether they be organizations or individuals. These consistencies can be applied in education and training of interpreters, as well as hiring indicators and ongoing performance reviews. From an ethical perspective, conforming to these interpretation standards ensures that interpreters maintain a neutral and factual role in offering reliable interpretation services.

The standard is comprised of the following main sections:

  • Interpreter’s Qualifications – Defines the competency requirements for the interpreter, which include linguistic competency, interpersonal skills, research, and technical competence.

  • Responsibilities of Clients – Ensures purchasers of Interpreting Service understand their responsibilities.  Information in this section should be clearly communicated.

  • Responsibility of Interpreting Service Providers – Highlights information that the ISP should provide to both the customer and interpreters to ensure all assignment requirements are known.

  • Role and Responsibility of Interpreters - Specifies what rules the interpreter must follow when delivering interpretation, which include abiding by the LITP Standards of Practice, Ethical Principles, and ensuring they do not accept work for which they are not competent.

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