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Implementing new standards and accreditations for Canadian organizations

While standards such as ISO are widely recognized, individual industries and industry associations are increasingly interested in standards certifications for their members. So many business sectors operate without a level playing field, allowing competitors to undercut one another with lesser quality products in the name of cost savings. This can affect consumer confidence in your industry as a whole.

Establishing recognized quality management systems and standards certifications is a proactive way to maintain reputation and consumer trust in any industry. Implementing those standards, once established, takes time and money, so getting buy-in from member organizations and companies in the field can be challenging.

The Orion Difference

Orion Assessment is well established in offering standards accreditations and audits for widely recognized standards such as ISO, as well as industry-specific standards in language translation and interpretation, food safety, aerospace, and medical devices.

Our knowledge and expertise can also benefit your industry or association if you are seeking to implement a certification scheme for a new set of standards. We can help you to develop the scheme for your industry or member organizations to facilitate wider adoption of your new accreditation requirements. We can even combine certifications and audits with existing standards implementations such as ISO requirements to ease the burden and make the process more streamlined and efficient.

Contact us today and tell us about your new standards and let us help you implement them effectively.


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