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ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

The fall out of COVID has forced many organizations to take a closer look at their health and safety programs to ensure they have taken all the required measures to protect their workers.

Published in March 2018, the ISO 45001 standard outlines an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) management system that enables organizations to provide safe and healthy workplaces, prevent work-related injuries and continually improve their OH&S performance.

While ISO 45001 is not legally binding, organizations that achieve certification show they take the health and wellbeing of their employees seriously, enhancing their corporate image and making them more attractive in a competitive employee-recruitment environment.

When an organization implements an OH&S management system that conforms to the ISO 45001 standard, they can effectively manage their OH&S risks while fulfilling certain legal requirements.

The standard is comprised of the following main sections:

  • Context of the organization – Covers how to understand the context of the organization, the needs and expectations of workers, and determining the scope and processes required to establish the OH&S management system.
  • Leadership and worker participation – Outlines the leadership and worker responsibilities in developing an effective OH&S management system including organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities; and the consultation and participation of workers.
  • Planning – Explores the actions needed to address risks and opportunities, hazard identification and assessment of risks, determination of legal requirements, and the planning required to achieve OH&S objectives.
  • Support – Topics include resources needed, determining necessary competence, worker awareness, organization communication systems, and processes and documentation.
  • Operation – How to plan, implement, control and maintain the processes needed to meet the OH&S management system requirements. Includes eliminating hazards and reducing risks, the implementation and control of planned changes, procurement systems, use of contractors, and emergency preparedness and response.
  • Performance evaluation – Covers the monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of the OH&S management system including evaluation of compliance through internal audits and management review.
  • Improvement – Understanding there are always ways to get better, the standard also outlines strategies for organizations to identify opportunities for improvement and implementing necessary actions.

At Orion Assessment Services, we recognize that every organization is unique. The interpretation and enactment of ISO 45001 will vary according to industry, company size and pre-existing OH&S management systems. Trust us to help you manage the complexity of the requirements, and provide you with the systems and intelligence you need. Our goal is to help you not just achieve certification, but develop practical and safe processes that take your employees’ long-term wellbeing to heart.

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At Orion, we’ve established a process that allows us to combine standard audits – saving you money and time while adding long-term value to your company’s reputation.

Why not combine your ISO 9001 assessment with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001Contact us today to learn more.

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