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CCFM 110 Retail

CCFM 110 Retail​

Why Work with Orion on CCFM 110?

The only way to gain employee and customer confidence and prove that the proper measures have been taken to protect their safety is to follow a standard and have a third-party inspection. Certification to the CCFM 110 Standard may only be done through Orion Assessment Services of Canada Inc. or Orion Registrar, Inc., unless otherwise approved in writing by one of them.

What is the CCFM 110 Retail Program?

As our society continues to be impacted by the pandemic, standards play an essential role in helping to establish a safe work environment for customers, employees, and all stakeholders. 

The marketplace is filled with government and other industry-related guidelines for dealing with pandemic outbreaks, but none of them are third-party validated or include a list of mandatory requirements. This means that some facilities have numerous controls in place, while others have nothing. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their employees. Certification is a great way to take action and demonstrate due diligence.

The CCFM 110 Standard for Retail is directed to those working in a retail environment and includes core requirements around employee hygiene, sanitization, physical distancing, and restroom maintenance along with facility-specific controls such as customer and employee assessment and onsite visit protocols.

Breakdown of the Standard

Retail food and grocery stores play an essential role in every community by ensuring people have safe access to food and supplies. All workers and customers in grocery stores, the retail supply chain and retail sector must adjust how they operate to help reduce the potential transmission of an infectious disease.

The purpose of this standard and certification program is to provide another layer or protection for the public, employees, and other stakeholders when they enter a retail facility. It is meant to provide a sense of confidence that the facility has put certain measures in place to reduce the risk for potential exposure to infectious diseases.

This standard defines requirements around:

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Roles and responsibilities

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Employee hygiene

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Physical distancing

Overview of the Audit Process

After we receive your application, an Orion contact will reach out to schedule your half-day audit with an auditor in your region. Subsequent visits will be dependent on the pandemic and may vary in frequency.

Begin the Certification Process by downloading the Standard:

When you are ready to begin, you may apply to the program online:

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