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Auditing During COVID-19

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As part of Orion’s COVID-19 response, ANAB, the accreditation body that governs many of our ISO audit activities, has authorized us to expand our existing remote auditing efforts to include these accredited standards, with some limitations. Remote audits can be very effective for industries whose entire business is online but can be challenging for other industries, such as manufacturing. For these industries, the option of conducting remote audits will remain in place until the government rules it is safe for business to return to normal operation.

Our commitment is to never compromise on the safety, compliance, and quality of our products, and services; we strive to provide our employees with the resources—including information and training—that they need to support this commitment.

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Remote Reviews

Orion has been conducting remote reviews for close to ten years with other standards, so we are very experienced in this area. We will ensure your audit experience continues to meet Orion’s high standards for service excellence while being flexible and adaptable to your working situation.

Please visit our Remote Auditing page to learn more about the process and to see if your company qualifies:

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Onsite Audits

If your audit is being conducted onsite, Orion will respect all regulatory requirements and internal safety protocols your organization has established. Make sure to clearly communicate these requirements to Orion prior to your audit. As a minimum, Orion auditors will follow these protocols:

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