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Corporate Policies

Guidelines for objectives, operations, and plans

Orion’s Policy Statement

To develop and implement second or third party assessment solutions for organizations striving to improve their operational performance.

Our team will work with you to ensure they:

  1. Understand your needs.

  2. Set and agree on mutual objectives prior to starting any activity.

  3. Review activities to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

We have defined and continually monitor operational goals with the intent of ensuring that your and our needs are met.

Orion will strive to continually improving our services and operate in compliance with all relevant corporate, industrial and regulatory requirements.

Health & Safety Policy

Orion Assessment Services recognizes that the strength of our company is the integrated efforts of our staff, employees, and contractors. As such, we recognize the value of the health and safety for our team.

As part of our commitment to provide our staff with a safe work environment, we will make every effort to:

  1. Identify hazards and risks associated with our activities.

  2. Take the appropriate actions to control, eliminate or minimize these hazards or risks.

  3. Comply with all legislative requirements (e.g. Occupational Health & Safety Act).

As an audit firm, our auditors spend most of their time at our client's facilities. 

We ensure our staff and contractors abide by the Health and Safety program requirements for our client’s and make every effort to ensure they are understood in advance and reaffirmed prior to starting their activities.

Our continuous improvement efforts will ensure we strive to achieve our goal of an injury- and accident-free workplace.

Statement of Impartiality

As an independent audit firm, Orion understands the importance of impartiality in management system certification. 

We are committed to ensuring that potential situations are identified and addressed accordingly.

Within Orion, an annual risk assessment for all our staff is conducted to ensure no conflicts of interest or bias situations arise.  In addition, our staff must immediately disclose any situations that may give rise to bias.

The results of these assessments are brought to the attention of committee to safeguard impartiality for review.

For certifications falling under the Orion Registrar, Inc. accreditation scheme, we are also bound by their committee to safeguard impartiality requirements. 

Please contact Orion Registrar for additional information.

Orion Registrar Requirements

Orion Assessment Services follows the following Orion Registrar, Inc. requirements for ANAB accredited standards.

Certification Regulations - Defines the process for obtaining and maintaining certification.

Use of Logos / Requirements - Outlines how to correctly promote your certification.  Please refer the Orion home site and follow the link for Logo Use and Regulations to download the document.

Gift Policy - Orion's gift policy


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