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CGSB 131.10: Canadian Translation Standard

The National Standard of Canada defines the process requirements for the provision of translation services by Translation Services Providers (TSPs), including organizations and individuals. It has defined requirements throughout the entire fulfillment process of a translation. This includes all steps - from the request for quote through to delivery of the service that meets the customer’s requirements.

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We consolidate audits to save time, cost and disruption.

At Orion, we’ve established a process that allows us to combine standard audits – saving you money and time while adding long-term value to your company’s reputation.

Why not combine your  CGSB 131.10 assessment with ISO 17100, CGSB 131.10 and NSGCISContact us today to learn more.

The standard comprises of:

  • Resources - Define the responsibilities and competency requirements for translators and revisers.

  • Technical Resource - Ensures appropriate resources are available such as word processing software, research tools, CAT tools, etc.

  • Quality Management System - Defines management requirements, which includes documenting the system, establishing and monitoring goals and objectives, handling complaints, and other items.

  • Client-TSP Relationship - Specifies the requirements for handling, analyzing inquiries, determining project feasibility, and technical requirements, before quoting and entering into an agreement.

  • TSP Project Management Procedures - Ensure service workflow is defined and managed.

  • Translation Process - Sets minimum requirements for the translation activities.

  • Additional Services - Ensure all additional services are delivered in accordance with the agreement, such as desktop publishing and other requirements.

Obtaining Certification


Time-Frame for Certification 

After your initial audit, certification be can be awarded anytime between one week to two months, depending on whether or not issues were identified. 

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