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Languages Canada Accreditation

Receive your accreditation for
Canadian language services

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Languages Canada Accreditation

Receive your Languages Canada accreditation 

Languages Canada is the premier language training association in Canada. Its membership consists of over 200 accredited language programs, French and English, public and private. They also created and maintain the Quality Assurance Standard for language service providers in Canada.

To learn more about the languages industry, please visit our Languages Canada page.

Accreditation Documents


LCG06  Accreditation Manual



  • Start the accreditation process by downloading the application!



  • Standards detail the requirements that form the basis for accreditation. All requirements must be met.



  • Procedures outline relevant procedures surrounding the accreditation process.  


Guidance Documents

  • Guidance documents provide additional guidance for meeting certain requirements.



  • Forms are those documents that are completed during the accreditation process.  


Training Sessions / Webinars


Contact us today to learn more about your Languages Canada Application.  



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