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Smitty’s Fine Furniture locations first to become certified to Orion’s Contagion Control Program.

Orion Assessment Services has recently certified the Smitty’s Fine Furniture chain, consisting of two locations across Kitchener and Hanover, Ontario, to the newly launched Contagion Control Facility Management Standard for Retail.

“We began developing the Contagion Control Facility Management Standard for retail in early April in response to COVID-19” explains David Huebel, President of Orion Assessment Services, “and as soon as the standard was launched on April 22nd,  Smitty’s immediately expressed interest in getting certified.   Smitty’s Fine Furniture wanted to demonstrate their dedication and commitment to the well-being of their customers and employees and felt that ensuring they met the requirements of the standard and proving it by a third-party validation process was the way to do so.   As we attempt to return to the “new normal”, retailers need to do their part to help protect us. I have children and senior parents and want to ensure my family is protected.  I will only shop at facilities that can demonstrate they have taken the proper precautions”, says David Huebel.

Smitty’s Fine Furniture has been providing quality, Canadian-made home furnishings to customers in Southwestern Ontario for over 70 years. Since 1949, Smitty’s Fine Furniture has believed it was their family values that allowed them to get where they are today, and they were always driven by words like Caring, Giving, and Trustworthy. Customer service and a comfortable shopping experience remain Smitty’s trademarks. So, it came as no surprise to Orion that a company like Smitty’s would be the first to adopt a standard aimed at protecting the public, employees and other stakeholders.

“These are unprecedented times, and our intention was to reopen our stores in the safest way possible for our customers, staff, and anyone who visits our locations. Having certification provides that extra peace of mind that we are doing things the right way” says Bob Gray, President of Smitty’s Fine Furniture.

Since the launch of the Contagion Control Facility Management Standard for retail, Orion has adapted the standard and released a version for offices. Both standards can be downloaded at no charge at www.orioncan.com/contagion

About Orion Assessment Services of Canada Inc.

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Orion Assessment Services is a third-party certification firm offering certification service to quality, environmental, health and safety, food and other related standards. www.orioncan.com

About Smitty’s Fine Furniture

Smitty’s Fine Furniture is a family owned, furniture business since 1949. Locations in Kitchener and Hanover, Ontario, feature quality Canadian-made furniture and mattresses with service across Southwestern Ontario. www.smittysfurniture.com/