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ISO 17100 Translation Services – Released / EN 15038 Withdrawn

The new International Standard ISO 17100 on Translation Services has just been published (official date of publication: 2015-05-01). In the member countries of the European Committee for Standardisation this standard will be endorsed as European Standard EN ISO 17100 and will replace EN 15038.

Given the two Standards are more or less identical in their technical content, LICS had issued ISO 17100 certificates to all EN 15038 organizations (see attached). At this time, your EN 15038 certificates will no longer be valid and you will have to refrain from promoting your EN 15038 certification status. These certificates will have a new date of issue, the date of initial issue as well as the expiry date, and the due dates for surveillance remain unchanged. This means that you will remain at the same point in your audit cycle, and all future audits will be conducted to ISO 17100. (please see attached the ISO 17100 certification scheme from LICS). We suggest you obtain a copy of the standard which can be purchased at www.iso.org.

Should you have any question regarding the new documents, please do not hesitate to call or email.